Music production, recording and mixing

Our productions and collaborations

Title Music

We produce music for all kinds of media productions, such as series, advertisements and games. Scandinavian longing or bubbling naïveté.

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Co-write and composing

We compose and write lyrics for ourselves and others. You can order full compositions or compose with us. Pop, rap, theater music and genre-bending artsy stuff.


String arrangements and orchestration

We write string arrangements and orchestral notation. If you prefer, you can also have the stem wav files separately.


Ableton Live 10 training

Private lessons on how to produce your music with Ableton Live.

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Recording at our studio

Do you need more than your own home studio? Would you like to have your songs properly produced? You can do that in our studio in Helsinki.

We also offer help with your productions, tips on song arrangements, and your songs mixed and mastered.

Production Team

Lasse Turunen

Hello! I'm Lasse – I'm a musician and a songwriter. I produce and record music for myself and for others. My specialty is electronic music production and fiddling around with synthesizers and software. A good song is always the basis of any project. I specialize in Ableton Live, and also use Logic Pro fluently. I'm known from the bands Pihka ja myrsky, Ukkosmaine and Tero Hetero. They're all unique lineups, with a very special place in my heart.

Henna Helasvuo

I'm Henna – a pianist, a singer and a music writer. In addition to composing pop music and writing lyrics, I've written music for the Tapiola choir, compositions and arrangements for vocal ensembles and worked on a bit more classical piano and chamber music pieces, which have been published by Sulasoli. I especially like theater music / music theater, which I've written a whole lot.